Major Employers and Key Industries

Grandview’s centralized location allows for a variety of cost-effective transportation options. Grandview is accessible to three federal interstates (I-49, I-35 and I-70), and one state highways (HWY 150) making it possible to ship to most markets in the U.S. within two days.


Grandview’s location has attracted numerous manufacturing companies. Of the ten major employers in Grandview, five are manufacturing companies employing more than 1,400 people specializing in plastics, metal valves and motor vehicle electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Peterson Manufacturing
  • Sika Corporation
  • Silgan Dispensing Systems
  • Ruskin Manufacturing
  • Maxi Seal Harness Systems, Inc.
  • Butler Manufacturing
  • Burger & Brown Engineering
  • Corbion
  • CS Manufacturing
  • Prier Products
Peterson Manufacturing

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Sitting at the intersection of one major highway and one major interstates, Grandview checks all the boxes for construction companies looking to access any part of the KC Metro area within 30-40 minutes.

Grandview is currently home to several successful companies in this industry:

  • Kelly Construction Group
  • Teague Construction Company
  • E & K
  • Dahmer Construction Services
  • Pyramid Roofing
  • JM Fahey Construction
Grand Summit Apartments

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Other Large Grandview Businesses:
  • Dayton Freight
  • PODS
  • U.S. TOY
  • Winco Fireworks
  • NOAA

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